—  Aperitivos—


Sandwich Pego con Papas Fritas
house sandwich, chicken or beef, lettuce, tomato, french fries
$8 / $10

Chorizo Portuguese
Portuguese sausage

Croquetas de Bacalao
codfish nuggets, garlic sauce

Almejas en Salsa de Ajo
clams in garlic sauce

Mejillones en Salsa Roja
mussels, red sauce

Mejillones en Salsa de Ajo
mussels, garlic sauce


Almejas Casino
baked stuffed clams, crab cake

Cocktail de Camarones
cold shrimp cocktail, golf sauce

crispy broiled quails


—  Carnes  —


Bistec a la Plancha*
grilled steak

Bistec de Cerdo a la Parrilla*
grilled boneless pork loin

Bistec Encebollado*
grilled steak with onion, tomato, red and green peppers

Bistec con Pimienta*
grilled steak, green peppercorn sauce

Bistec a la Portuguesa
grilled steak, ham, egg, fried potato, Portuguese style


Carne Asada*
grilled beef

Chuletas de Cerdo*
grilled pork chops

Chicharrón de Pollo*
lightly breaded fried boneless chicken breast

Pechuga de Pollo a la Parrilla*
chicken breast on grill

Pechuga de Pollo con Champiñones*
grilled chicken breast, mushrooms

Pechuga a la Plancha con Camarones*
grilled chicken breast, shrimp, garlic sauce

Costilla de Vaca*
grilled ribs

T-Bone a la Parrilla*
grilled t-bone steak

Solomillo con Camarones a la Parrilla*
grilled steak, shrimp



—  Pescado—


Filete de Pescado Frito*
fried flounder fillet

Filete de Pescado a la Plancha*
grilled flounder fillet

Salmon a la Plancha*
broiled salmon, garlic sauce

Bacalao Hervido con Vegetales
broiled codfish, vegetables

Bacalao Asado con Cebolla y Pimiento Verde*
broiled codfish, grilled green peppers, onions

Bacalao a la Española*
broiled codish, escabeche sauce

Bacalao Hervido con Vegetales
broiled codfish, vegetables

Robalo Frito*
fried sea bass


Robalo a la Plancha*
broiled sea bass, garlic sauce

Pargo Frito*
fried red snapper

Pargo a la Plancha*
broiled red snapper


—  Camarones  —


Camarones al Ajillo*
shrimp, garlic sauce (specialty)

Camarones en Salsa*
shrimp, red sauce

Camarones a la Plancha*
grilled shrimp

Camarones Empanizados*
breaded shrimp

Camarones Rellenos*
stuffed shrimp


—  Langosta  —


Langosta al Vapor*
steamed lobster

Lagosta a la Parrilla*
grilled lobster

Langosta en Salsa
lobster, red sauce


Lagosta Rellena*
stuffed lobster, shrimp or crab cake

Lagosta Rellena al Balconcito*
stuffed lobster, crab meat (Balconcito style)

Cola de Langosta Rellena*
stuffed lobster tail, shrimp or crab meat


Langosta a la Millonaria*
lobster, shrimp, grilled steak

Cola de Langosta Rellena al Balconcito*
stuffed lobster tail, crab meat (Balconcito style)




Arroz de Camarones
shrimp, rice, red sauce

Cangrejo al Balconcito*
crab, special house sauce

Arroz de Mariscos
sautéed octopus, mussels, shrimp, squid, rice, red sauce

Masa de Cangrejo*
crab cake


Sopa de Mariscos
seafood soup, lobster

boiled seafood and lobster, red sauce

Paella Marinera
seafood, lobster, rice

Paella Valenciana
seafood, beef, chicken, Portuguese chorizo, rice

Mar y Tierra*
grilled lobster tail, tender beef steak


Cataplana (Para Dos Personas)
lobster, mussels, clams, shrimp, Portuguese chorizo, red sauce

Parrillada se Mariscos (Para Dos Personas)
lobster, clams, mussels, grilled shrimp, fish fillet, garlic sauce



—  Ensaladas  —


Ensalada de Pollo
chicken salad

Ensalada de Camarones
shrimp salad

Ensalada de Camarones y Pulpo
shrimp and octopus salad

Ensalada de Pulpo
octopus salad



* Platter comes with any two sides of choice